Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a week...

So, this week has been interesting to say the least.

On Wednesday the country we are adopting Sterling from shut their doors to adoptions for "approximately" 3 months. They are doing this in the hopes that their process gets streamlined and a little more efficient. For us, this means that our timeline is pushed back. We were looking at traveling in September and now we probably will not be able to get our little guy until October or November. So disheartening. The hardest part is we are unsure that the needed documents and requirements will stay the same. We are trying to stay focused and positive and go ahead with finishing our dossier so we have the ability to file it as soon as they reopen their country to adoptions.

You know how they say that when one door closes another one opens?? We were originally on a domestic Down Syndrome adoption wait list and when we started the adoption process with Sterling we decided to stay on that list also. Well, on Thursday the domestic list paid off and we received a call about a newborn being born locally that needed a family. He has Down Syndrome and duodenal atresia. We were so excited! I made all the contact calls and waited. On Friday, we heard back that this adoption would cost $11,100. We have put so much into adopting Sterling that we do not have the money to pay the agency this money to adopt this little one. We would LOVE to be able to adopt him and raise he and Sterling together as brothers but alas, that door seems to have been closed on us too. Again soo disheartening. To make it all worse I am SICK! On Friday evening I went to local walk in clinic and was told I have a sinus infection AND bronchitis.

So, with all of this sad news I didnt feel like posting. But then I realized.. WE STILL HAVE STERLING! And that makes me REALLY happy! We were very blessed on Thursday and Friday with our donations. On both days, someone (or multiple someones) made very generous donations to our FSP! We feel so blessed to have people looking over us and helping us. Those donations really helped us to keep our eyes on the big picture. Today my jewelry making supplies came in. Personalized necklaces are my new fundraiser!!! I can use any picture (not copyrighted images) for the necklaces! If you are interested in one please let me know. You can email me at Pictures and pricing are below.

1"x1" square charm w/ organza ribbon/wire choker necklace $10
(Reece's Rainbow Familes currently adopting $8)
1"x1.25" rectangle charm w/ organza ribbon/wire choker necklace $12
(Reece's Rainbow Families currently adopting $9)

top: square charm on organza ribbon 

bottom: rectangle charm on wire choker

**Reece's Rainbow Families: I have permission from Andrea to use the RR logos in these necklaces if you would like to do that. For example I can do the prayer warrior logo, the One Step Closer Logo, the 5/5/5 logo etc.**


  1. What is the domestic list you were on?

  2. The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network has a list to provide to facilitators, agencies, and birth parents looking to place their child. The website is and the coordinator's name is Robin Steele.

  3. I want a couple of necklaces! I will email you...awesome idea Erin. Sorry to hear about the baby, but remember God's plans are perfect and wonderful!