Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In God's Hands

So, today the Government of the country our little man lives in announces that they are closing the State Department that handles ALL adoptions for "approximately" 3 months. This closing will begin on July 11th. This means that the adoption process for us is in limbo until then. The new department could change everything (papers required for the dossier, court costs, family restrictions, etc) We will not know anything until they reopen. We can continue to progress through our dossier paperwork, but there is no guarantee that the dossier will stay the same.

At the same time, this government has shortened the list of special needs that they have. Meaning that children who do not have a "special need" identified on this list (much shorter than the previous list) that families must wait until they are 5 to adopt them. Again, we can pray that this list expands to include other special needs - but it is out of our hands. This is very sad because some families are "losing" the children they were in the process of adopting. Please pray for these families and for the list to be expanded.

I sat in chat tonight with a bunch of families that wanted answers, but really - no one has any to give. Right now it is all in God's hands. I haven't cried and I'm not even really that sad. It pushes our timeline back but all in all - nothing drastic has happened that would cause our family to stress. All they have done is put adoptions on hiatus while they restructure a governmental department that needs an overhaul. The hope is that this helps the process to streamline and function more effieciently than it does now. This is not a bad thing. Yet, there are families who are very stressed about this. Unfortunately there is nothing left to do but pray! Please trust in God - his master plan always prevails. If it is His will it will be.

To the families whose children are not on the new list - we will continue to pray that the list expands! And for families who are very close to travel - we will pray that you receive your letters and are able to bring your little one home before the shut down!

Just remember - it's all in God's hands! It is His will no matter how badly we want something!


  1. Very well put...we are in the same boat. I haven't cried or panicked yet either...can't help but think this will only help our cause. Praise God that He knew this would happen, He had it planned way ahead of our desire to adopt, and He is in control. Just emailed you :)

  2. God is giving all of you time for undivided attention on fundraising! Look at it as an opportunity to get as much of that done as you can so you can wholly focus on Sterling when it opens back up!


  3. More fundraising!! I got a bit annoyed b/c it happened on the very day I got the last thing notarized for our dossier and now we will have to start the paperchase all over again, but praise God our kids and still waiting for us. Mommy and Daddy will be coming soon.

  4. It was great to read an encouraging post about all of these changes! Thank you for looking for the positive in all of this and the reminder to trust that God knows what He is doing. The very next day, K-Love had this as their encouraging word: Galatians 6:9 "So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up."