Monday, June 6, 2011

What a day...


School went well. One of my students with Autism had a solo at Kindergarten graduation. I was teary eyed the whole time - and I'm not a cryer. That's how my day started. The rest of school was fine. Left school 10 minutes early to make it to an ESY Summer School Meeting. That was uneventful.

Rushed home to get ready to go to a Pampered Chef party and couldn't find my checkbook. I finally did find it - in my car - 30 minutes later.

Talked to a friend who is working some connections - hopefully good news coming soon. Was also offered a summer job adapting curriculum for children with special needs. Super exciting - all this money will go to Sterling.

Made it to Pampered Chef party on time and had a blast (and had some YUMMY food!) Got in the car to leave and found out a lady I loved dearly and taught on the same team with years ago passed away from Cystic Fibrosis today. Was VERY sad. She was an amazing lady - very genuine and kind hearted. Then got a FB message saying our close friends donated the needed money for Sterling's Passport and Expedition Fees. That did it for me - I cried the whole way home talking to my mom.

I wasn't planning on posting but I PROMISED Anna Woods I would post this picture of my dossier organization system so here it is! It has helped ease my concerns a ton!

Ok - off to bed - it's been a CRAZY day!!


  1. Okay so I posted a comment of thanks last night but evidently it didn't go through! :)
    Thank you for this motivation. When I saw this I went and attempted to recreate your organization...haha!

  2. He is precious! I hope his journey home to you is quick. I am your newest follower and can't wait to see that he is home. I am local to you so will be looking forward to the lake party. :-)

  3. I am reading through your old posts as I just made it over here from the Lines FB page. As a PC Consultant I just wanted to let you know that Pampered Chef does fundraiser parties too. So if you love their stuff and have friends that love their stuff, they can buy and party and help fund Sterling at the same time! The percentage raised is based on how much is sold. If that interests you I would contact the consultant that you just ordered through or any other local consultant. I'm not trying to influence you, I just wanted you to know this in case you weren't aware :) Praying for you guys!