Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Facebook Campaign

Brian and I figure that social media is the fastest way to spread the word about Sterling. Our Family Sponsorship Page (FSP) went up yesterday. In one night we earned $200 with donations from only 2 people! I need to give a big shout out to Heather Merritt and Christina Lopez for their donations! Both of these people are people we have never met! It was pretty cool and it was all done on Facebook.

You can share Sterling's RR FSP on your Facebook Page too. Go to and click the Facebook "F" to share. In just over 24 hours this page has been shared on 85 pages! Very cool!

Please consider helping us bring Sterling home. We need to raise about $12,000 on our own to do this. By our calculations we have about 4 months to do this. Every penny counts! Mr. Math Teacher (also known as my husband Brian) likes to point out that we only need 12000 people to donate $1 OR 2400 people to donate $5 OR 1200 people to donate $10 OR 240 people to donate $50. It really isn't that much when everyone chips in just a little bit. Please consider skipping Starbucks or dinner out for one night to help bring our little man home!

If you cannot donate please consider praying for us and for posting Sterling's RR page  and this blog to your FB page often - not everyone gets on FB everyday so posting a few times will ensure that most of your friends see it.


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