Friday, June 3, 2011

Holy Cow Batman

We just received our dossier prep email from Shelley @ RR. Holy Cow Batman!!!!! 77 pages of stuff to read over and get filled out and notarized and completed and sent back to people. My poor printer hasn't seen this much work since before school started last year. Good thing I just bought ink... I have a feeling I'm going to need lots of help with this pile of stuff...Good thing I have already met good RR people and people who have already adopted from RR to run to when I need that help! Overwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover what I am feeling right now. I ALREADY have passport questions and I got the email less than 20 minutes ago!


So my organization freak self just organized all these documents by "type" and put them into manila folders labeled with what it is that needs to get done in each folder. I put things that go together (like Medical Statements and copy of doctor's license) in the same folder. I have 15 folders (1 for CSP and 14 for dossier stuff). I feel a little tiny bit better - but its still a lot. We will make our doctor appointments Monday and start on the easy stuff. All we need now is a Luda answer to our passport question. But currently its the middle of the night in Eastern Europe so...we wait. Patiently... And pray...

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  1. O yeah, that was the email I was talking about.