Monday, May 16, 2011

What a weekend!

This weekend we made the biggest decision of our lives; the decision to become parents. We've officially committed to adopt Sterling!

Our little man is 4 years old, has Down Syndrome and epilepsy and partial atrophy of one optic nerve. We are VERY excited to be on this ride.

In just 3 short days we've accomplished a lot. We've committed to adopting Sterling through Reece's Rainbow, we've updated our Home Study for an international adoption, we've notified our Priest of our intentions, and we've set up some fundraising efforts.

We know it's going to be a long ride - but we sure hope it goes by fast!


  1. We are so happy that Sterling found his family!! We were presented with his profile with 2 others. We commited to Oscar and Christine and wanted to commit to Sterling also, but found out his region was far away. We let RR know that when we come back if he hasn't found a family, we would go back and bring him home. We are thrilled for your family and Sterling. We donated to you guys the day you commited. We will definately be following you journey.

  2. Welcome to the ride! I looked at Sterling a bunch when we were deciding who to commit to, but decided his country wasn't for us right now. Good luck to you! Can't wait to follow your journey!