Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kind of Stuck

Hello Followers...

Well, we are kind of stuck for now. This is because I had to apply for a new passport - my old passport had my maiden name on it. So, we have to wait for that to get back because a lot of the paperwork for the dossier has passport numbers written on it. Brian has everything with only his passport number on it, finished and notorized. We also ordered our tax documents. We both need to call for medical exams.


Brian looked into pulling money out of our retirement savings if needed but was told we could only borrow against it and only for a very small portion of what we have in there. We dont really have an understanding of this but that is what they said. This means our backup system if we CAN'T fundraise enough ISN'T there anymore...Stressing a bit. We will be praying about this a lot.

We have several fundraising ideas that we need to plan and act on.
1) The Lake Party (see prior blogs)
2) Personalized Jewelry/Square Glass Charms
3) Another knotted fleece blanket

We have contemplated a spaghetti dinner but do not know what to do or how to organize it or if we could make enough from it. So we are undecided on this.

Our fundraising letter will be put in our monthly church bulletin in July.

Please PRAY for us and for all the families trying to SAVE little ones from orphanages overseas. We are all working very hard to bring our children home!

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  1. Check into Lifesong ministries, they have matching grants and interest free loans. Since you already have your homestudy done you could be working on that while your waiting for your passport.
    Good luck,