Tuesday, October 25, 2011


October 25, 2011
We're Going to Disney World!!!

Well, not anytime soon. We need to get adjusted first; but we ARE COMING HOME!!!!

The medical visit is done, the passport is in our hands, the visa is in the passport and the flights are booked.

For people on EST this is our schedule (In EST)

We leave the apartment at 8pm EST
We take off for Germany at 10:35 pm EST
We land in Germany at 1:35am EST

We will leave Frankfurt at 8:20am EST
We will LAND AT HOME 6:20 pm EST

We are flying Lufthansa and would LOVE and WELCOME lots of PRAYERS for SAFE TRAVELS and SMOOTH flights! I am a PHOBIC flyer. It makes me physically ill and I cry the whole time. Even with my script on the last flights, I was still a mess. I know I will have Sterling with me, but Im already starting to freak out. We are VERY excited to be coming home and start our life as a family. I am so proud of myself for getting over here but I need help and prayers to get home...

All that being said, I have a WHOLE GROUP of people to thank...
During the 10 People in 10 Days Posts I purposely left out a WHOLE GROUP of people so that I could save them for THIS POST about COMING HOME TO DISNEY WORLD!!!

MY DISNEY FRIENDS!!!! My online group Liners :-) has been so INCREDIBLY SUPPORTIVE.
They were there when we first decided to adopt and have been there through it all. I am so excited to have been able to share our journey with them. I know of one family that is even looking into adopting through RR because of our trip! :)

So, to my Liners :-) THANKS SO MUCH!!! For the help, the support (donations, gifts, prayers, kind words!) and all of the love and pixie dust you have showered on us! This group helped raise over $1000 towards our FSP and made our trip and our adoption a possibility!  THANKS!!!!

The next time I blog we will be HOME!!!! <3

PS Thanks Carrie for the Bible verses: Brian has written them down so I can read them over and over on the plane!


  1. YOU are going to be AMAZING on those flights. Because you've got your boy with you and I know you'll be thinking about him instead of flying. Channel all your fear into Mom energy baby! Can't WAIT to read your first post from Home!

  2. Prayers for your peace during each leg of the journey. Prayers that your joy at coming home with your son will overshadow any fears that you may have. And congratulations, too. Saw the temperatures there last night - looks like you be very glad to be back to Florida weather!