Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 People in 10 Days: Day Nine - We're All in the Same Boat

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 People in 10 Days

Other Families in Country

Today is day 9 of our 10 day wait! Hooray! After tomorrow we won’t have to worry about the possibility of anyone contesting the adoption.

The timing of everything here has really stunk for us. Having court on a Tuesday in this region is HORRID. This is because your 10th day falls on a Friday and your 11th day on Saturday. There is no court on Saturdays, Sundays OR Mondays here so we will not get our court decree until our 14th day. This also gives us less than great timing (barring a miracle) for the embassy. Assuming we can get all of our paperwork done on Tuesday, we can have Gotcha Day on Wednesday and PRAYERFULLY receive our passport Thursday (long shot) or Friday. Either way we will not be able to do any of our embassy stuff until the next week. If we can do embassy appointments on Monday and Tuesday, we can leave this country Wednesday the 26th which means we won’t be home until the 27th. This means we still have 2 weeks in this country.

Mind you, all of this is counting on the assumption that Sterling won’t get chicken pox. If he does, who knows what our timeline will look like. L I read A LOT of blogs before getting on the plane to come here. I noted that most families were in country between 31 and 37 days – right around 5 weeks. Right now, our best case scenario (noting that today is day 27) is that we will be in country 40 days – closer to 6 weeks. To be honest, I am less than thrilled about this. But, I also understand that everything happens for a reason. I TRUST that God’s plan is perfect.

Today Brian and I stayed busy. We got up, walked to the bank (closed for lunch), walked to Celentano’s Pizza for lunch, shopped at the Billa Market, walked back to city center and went to the MTC Store to add minutes to our internet modem, and went back by a bank to exchange money. While at Celentano’s we managed to tap into the free wifi and download 6 episodes of Royal Pains to hold us over until we can download some more (hopefully at that bakery we discovered) tomorrow.

Anyway, that is the status update for today. As promised yesterday I want to talk about each of the families that we have been in country with…briefly! I hope you enjoy reading about our new “friends!”

We’re All in the Same Boat

At last count, we have been in country with no less than 9 families (not counting ourselves) and two more are landing here this weekend. I have to say, while in country, there is nothing better than having someone walking in the same shoes you are, that speaks English (yay!) and that understands what you are doing and why. Having someone to talk to, whine to, cry to and celebrate little successes with is so important.  If you are coming here PLEASE reach out and find out who will be here with you! It is one of the little things that will keep you chugging along. I promise! Here is a little bit about each family we have been in country with!

Laurie and Bryan Maddex – The Maddex family was finishing up their stay as we were settling in. Their stay was FAR FROM NORMAL. Because they were the first case after the law changes there were more than a few hiccups. Their initial request to adopt Zeke was denied and they had to appeal. In the end they were here for over 50 days. They have been home, with all 4 of their boys, for a week or so now and everyone is doing just great! Laurie gives me the strength to keep going each day – if she can stay here for 8 weeks, I can handle my 6. I love talking to Laurie now that she is home. She gives lots of encouragement and she is always willing to answer questions and give advice.  To read the Maddex Family Story you can visit their blog here:

Cara and Doug Layne – The Layne’s have had their fair share of hiccups too! Cara and Doug are adopting two boys from this country. The little one, Eli is still an infant and will be heading home soon! Max is a teenager and he may have to stay through April. We are PRAYING that Max gets to go home with his family and join Eli and his sisters at home. Doug is coming back this weekend to get Eli (and hopefully Max.) . To read the Layne Family story and see pictures of Eli and Max you can visit the blog located here:

Rachel and Scott Center – The Centers just got home! The Center’s story is a great one! No hiccups and a great trip. Rachel and Scott were brave enough to bring their whole family with them – this trip hasn’t been easy on Brian and I – and the Centers did it with their 3 kids! Amazing! They have added Zeph to their family and everyone is happy and doing well. Rachel was great fun to talk to and she is always willing to give advice and encouragement. To read the Center Family story and see pics of Zeph you can visit the blog located here:

Matthias and Lindsay Handrich – The Handrich family is adopting Emory. What a cutie! They brought their little one, Emerald, with them as well. I really enjoy the Handrich blog and I love looking at pictures of Emory. I was so happy to see him on the My Family Found Me page and I’m even happier to see him with a family. To read more about Emory and the Handrich story you can visit:

Jeremy and Laura Lunnen – Oh how I love Laura Lunnen. She keeps me sane here. We talk to each other nearly every day. She is the one I go to when I just need to vent. Of all the people we are in country with, the Lunnens are in a situation most similar to ours. They too are adopting from an institution that has never had an adoption occur until now. Despite getting here before us, they are several days behind us in process. They just won their court case (hooray!) and are now in the middle of their 10 day wait. They are adopting Seth, who has CP, and I LOVE looking at the pictures and watching the videos of their little man! He has made so much progress since they have come here. Thanks Laura for all of our little chats! To see Seth and visit the Lunnen blog you can go here:

Christie and Shawn Taylor – You read about these fine folks yesterday! An update – they received Jadon’s passport today and should be traveling home this weekend! They adopted from a region without a 10 day wait so are currently the envy of everyone here. J I can’t wait for them to get home so Jadon’s new life can begin and they can be reunited with the 3 little boys they had to leave at home. You can read the Taylor family blog here:

Erika and Mel Rogers – The Rogers family is also adopting 2 little ones! They are adding both a son and a daughter to the family. Ironically, I had originally inquired about “Oscar” (now Malachi) when I inquired about Sterling. I was so happy to find him on the My Family Found Me page! They are also adding Clare to the family. On top of these two little ones, Erika and Mel have many children at home. They have big hearts and I am so happy to see these two little babes head to a home where they will be loved and nurtured. To visit the family blog and see pictures of the little ones see the blog located here:

David and Stephanie Barnett – The Barnetts are pulling the hat trick! They are adopting 3 little ones from this country. They are adopting two boys, Teague and Trenton, and a girl - Maclayne. The Barnetts are currently in country for the last part of their adoptions! All 3 courts are done and all 3 Gotcha Days have occurred! Hooray!  You can visit the Barnet blog by visiting:

Jake and Ashley Gibson – This is the most recent family to get in country. I wish I knew more about them and their story! Jake and Ashley are here adopting Carter, who is really darn cute! They have a lot of their journey left and we really wish them the best! To read the Gibson family story you can visit:

Coming this weekend:

Shawn and Sarah Basile – The Basile family is on their second adoption journey through Reece’s Rainbow. In 2010 they adopted their daughter, Zoya.  I have been in chat with Sarah several times and I know that she is thrilled to be adding another little pea to their family. Like the Woods family they arrive this weekend and could use prayers for save travel. To visit the Basile family blog visit:

Anna and Jerad Woods – You read about Anna and Jerad yesterday. They are leaving tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels for them. I am so thrilled to see Blake find a family. I really cannot wait to read the Woods family blog and watch them bond with Blake. They are REALLY BLESSED to have lots of new pictures of Blake since they are adopting from the same orphanage that the Barnett family adopted from. To read the Woods family blog you can visit:

You can tell WE ARE NOT ALONE! 12 families (I hope I didn't miss anyone) in country at the same time is a testament to the amazing things that happen when God is involved. Despite the little ones that will be going home with these families there are nearly one hundred thousand orphans in this country. To learn how you can help or, even better, how you can adopt one of these angels, visit


  1. I love your 10-day wait posts :) Thanks for the shout-out! Always here if you need me...

  2. We had multiple families with us too and it was incredible to be in that same boat. It was the only thing keeping us going besides our Lil man. We too were also on the 14day waiting period due to the weekend and then we had the luxury of the Last Friday of the month embassy closing so we had another weekend to get through. I know it's rough girl but believe me it's all forgotten when you get home and he's part of the family!! Can't wait to see and meet you all! Hugs sent from O-town!!
    Kim B :-)

  3. I have been trying to catch up on your blog and I am blown away with how encouraging and supportive you are to others in the midst of your own trials and waiting. Everyone should have someone like you in their corner cheering them on. You are a selfless friend, it seems - and reading a post like this one is so very encouraging for those of us who will follow you.