Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 People in 10 Days: Day Eight - My Reece's Rainbow Family

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
10 People in 10 Days
My RR Family                     

Ok, we have a small update on the chicken pox issue. What we learned today is:

1)    Sterling has never had chicken pox
2)    Sterling still does not have chicken pox
3)    The ENTIRE institution is closed until Monday

That’s it, now you are caught up! Brian and I have been playing a lot of Uno and we spent nearly 2 hours at McDonald’s today doing nothing. The WiFi there will no longer work on our devices…any of them. Luckily, on the walk back to the apartment we found a little coffee shop/bakery that has WiFi and what look like really yummy desserts. So, we will start substituting the bakery for Mickey D’s. Thank goodness.

Only part of adopting through RR is the adoption part. RR does so much more – from advocacy and grant funding to providing resources and support. My FAVORITE part of adopting through RR is the connections I have made. I have made some amazing FRIENDS on this journey and I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

So, today for the 10 People in 10 Days blogs our focus is on:

My Reece’s Rainbow Family

I think I mentioned before that when you register with RR you gain access to the forums and the chat features. These are, by far, the most valuable assets one can have. It is through these forums and these chats that I have been blessed to make some really good friends! These are people I talk to DAILY about EVERYTHING. They are all going through what we are going through and I love having them there to support me!

Jessica Whiteaker

It’s crazy to think that just 5 or so months ago I didn’t even know Jess existed on the planet. Today, I would refer to her as one of my closest friends. Weird, considering we haven’t even met. But, for the past 4 or so months, we have chatted nearly every day (that’s been hard over here!) about our situations.

Jessica contacted me when I started the necklace fundraiser. She wanted me to make necklaces of the little man she and her husband, Wes, are adopting. Known by Danny on RR, the Whiteakers are adopting a little guy with Down Syndrome too. What really made her easy to talk to is that our stories are very similar. Jess and Wes also had trouble conceiving and Danny will be their first child.

It was great having someone who has struggled with infertility to talk to. We could gripe and complain and know that the other person knew where we were coming from. We’ve also shared ideas on bedroom décor, toys, clothes, strollers etc. I love having someone to bounce ideas off of.

Jessica and Wes live in Texas. They are devout Christians and God loving people. I love that Jess and I can also share our needs and prayer requests with each other. It is amazing that God brings people into your lives when you really need them.

Although Jessica and Wes are adopting from a different country than we are, the processes have been very similar. It’s been nice to have been able to help Jess out since we have always been just a few steps ahead. This week, Jessica and Wes are finishing up their dossier and sending it off to Danny’s country! I’m sure they can use any prayers you have to offer for their process. They will not be able to travel until after Christmas – so they have a long time to wait before they get to meet their son!

Meeting Jessica and having her “by my side” every step of the way has been an amazing GIFT. I can’t wait until they are in country and I can follow their blog and their journey as they bring Danny home!

Anna Woods

I can’t believe the Woods family is leaving so soon!!! On the 14th they will be flying out of the USA and headed HERE! I am so excited!

Anna and I met on the forum (or in chat…) Ironically, Anna and her husband, Jerad, are adopting a little boy that I inquired about. We had already committed to Sterling when I inquired, I was interested in whether he would be adoptable WITH Sterling but when the RR people told me, “Only if you want to do two of everything ,” I knew it wasn’t meant to be. I prayed for little Blake to find his family and just a few days later his little chubby cheeks were on the My Family Found Me page! YAY!

 Anna and Jerad live in Kansas and they have two amazing precious little girls at home already, Autumn and Leah. Both are as cute as can be.

Meeting Anna was a Godsend too. Since she is adopting from the same country we are in, we were able to talk each other through tons of paperwork. We have bounced ideas off of each other and shared both successes and frustrations with each other as well.

We have always been one step ahead of Anna, so I have done the very best I could to keep her apprised of her next step. We used to be a lot closer in the process, but when the government here shut down because they were waiting on an appeal, the Woods family was stalled and we were not (because of the boys’ ages.)

Anna and Jerad are also devout Christians and I love having the ability to talk to families that are like minded. It’s great to always have friends who can help pick you up when you are down and who can celebrate successes with you.

I cannot WAIT until the Woods get here! We were SO hoping and praying that we would be able to meet them in the capitol city but it isn’t looking like that will happen. L Regardless, I cannot wait to see their first meeting with Blake (in pictures) and watch their journey with him. Just thinking about it gets me all teary eyed! Please say a prayer for Anna and Jerad’s travel to this country and also one for the girls they are leaving at home while they travel. It isn’t easy to leave your family behind  - even if you are adding another member to it!

To read Anna’s blog on their adoption journey you can visit the blog here:

Christie Taylor

I think it’s fair to say that Christie has had hurdle after hurdle thrown at her during her adoption. I can’t go into detail (and even I could I wouldn’t because it isn’t my story to share) but trust me when I say that she and her husband, Shawn, have shown amazing strength, faith and courage on their adoption journey.

I’m not even sure when I met Christie. She is always just there. She is one of the most vocal people on the forum and in chat. She is willing to answer any questions that get posted, offer advice to anyone who needs it and lift people up in prayer anytime someone hits a wall. She is amazing.

She is also a crazy researcher! She is the one who helps people find out information that they need during the process. If she doesn’t know the answer off the top of her head (which she does most of the time) she WILL find the answer. She is definitely someone to have around when you need help.

Christie and Shawn’s journey began long before ours; but, like I said they hit nearly every obstacle possible. We THOUGHT that we would travel with them to this country – but God had other plans. Brian and I came alone. Christie and Shawn traveled with the Rogers Family. Despite arriving here nearly 10 days after we did, they are lucky to be adopting from a region WITHOUT the 10 day wait.

So, I am more than PLEASED to announced that Christie and Shawn gained custody of Jadon Andrew yesterday. (Pictures of their Gotcha Day can be found on the blog – link below.) This is GREAT for them because they left three little men at home while they came here to adopt a 4th. Jadon will be joining big brothers Jared, Jackson, and Joseph when he gets home.

I know Christie is going to have her hands full but I hope we can manage to stay in contact!

To read the Taylor’s blog and to see really adorable pictures of Jadon visit:

These are only three of the many families I communicate with on a DAILY BASIS! For some more insight come back tomorrow…we will be focusing on a few more families.  Tomorrow’s theme is “We are all in the same boat!” I will be BRIEFLY talking about the families that we are in country with and how it takes a community mindset for us all to stay sane!

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  1. Awww, you ROCK! I've loved our late night conversations (until school started). Hang in there! I'm praying he had a mild cqse that went undetected before! Love ya, gal!