Friday, September 30, 2011

Visit #8: The boy LOVES the toothbrush...

Friday, September 30, 2011 Visiting Day #8

Raspberries anyone??

Brian and I hit the jackpot last night! We found an extra blanket in the closet. Fuzziest, warmest blanket ever! As a result, I had the best sleep I’ve had in a while. And, I actually woke up before the alarm clock. Hooray!

Same old story. Got up, got dressed, went downstairs, drove to the institution. It’s definitely a rote routine at this point. Kind of boring really.

We spent the day in “the little room” again. Meany nurse was actually nice today and came in to check on us even. That was nice.

Sterling tried a new snack today! Bananas. I’m not sure he’s ever had one. I WISH we would have gotten a video of that snack because it really was priceless. I had to help him with the eating though. We first tried to give him half of it but he got so excited with his first bite (which was WAY too big) he dropped the half we had given him. So, I had to keep the rest in the peel and hold it while he took bites. We both had to try to keep his hands down because he would try to grab for it each bite (to stick the whole thing in his mouth!) After each bite he would just grin – big smile. Super cute. Bananas are a hit.

Then we played. Sterling found a hole near the baseboards. He really didn’t like it there. He tried to fill it in with his animals.

Climbing monster....

We also played with the slinky, the bumble ball, and the stuffed animals. He LOVES that fox!  He doesn’t like bubbles. I think he is actually scared of them. L When I blew bubbles today he ran to Daddy. Oh well.

What are you doing???

I don't think I like this...

Peace out! Where's daddy?

I LOVE this picture!

The big hit for today was the toothbrush! I took the toothbrush so that I could just introduce him to it. I also wanted to give his teeth a little brushing. They needed it. I wasn’t sure how it would go over but seeing as how he loves to put things in his mouth I thought all would be well. What I didn’t imagine was the pure GLEE from the toothbrush. I think the videos say it all. We will need another toothbrush though - one for him to hold and one for me to brush his teeth with. I love this giggle. The one video ends with him just screaming in delight. (When he is really excited he just screams. Sometimes – he just screams to scream.) (He also throws his head back when he laughs which is too cute for words.)

We hung out for about an hour and fifteen minutes and then we headed back. We had Alexei drop us off a McDonald’s on the way home and we had lunch (yuck) and coffee. It is still cold here. Today when we got up it was 6*. And the biggest surprise – people are STILL ordering ice cream like there is no tomorrow. WAY TOO COLD for me to eat ice cream. (I don’t really like it anyway but still.)

We will not see Sterling again until Monday. It is supposed to be rainy and yucky tomorrow and we learned that the institution runs on a skeleton crew on the weekend. It was rough on them when we went last weekend. So, we won’t be back until Monday. Then, Tuesday is COURT! Still praying hard for a positive court decision!

Enjoy the pictures from today!

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  1. AWWW!!! So precious!! I love reading EVERY post from you guys, and I LOVE all the pics of your ♥precious boy♥!!! Praying court goes well!