Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor and Delivery

Brian and I are about to experience a whole realm of firsts. And, we are hoping you are going to come along for the ride (or at least check in every now and then!)

First up??? Our first international flight. We leave for London in 5 days! We will be flying out of Orlando on Wednesday evening. This is our first flight across "the pond" and to be honest I'm REALLY nervous. I'd love to be able to say that its our first trip to a foreign country - but it's not. We've been to Mexico, Belize, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. 

We will be staying in London (thanks Tracy Pearson!!!) for two nights. We will have the opportunity to see London for the first time. We are so SUPER excited about this. It will be our last getaway as a childless couple.  We have plans to do the London Eye (well, I do - Brian says, "No way!") and see Buckingham Palace (thanks Sarah Ockenden!) We will leave London on Saturday and fly straight to Sterling's country. (For those of you who don't know this - I am not allowed to say which country on the blog. So, if you know please don't say it.)

We will arrive in Sterling's country Saturday afternoon and settle into a hotel (or possibly an apartment?) On Monday we will have "our appointment." Apparently, I've confused people by this. This appointment is for us to receive the referral we need to go to Sterling's region and meet him. Once there, we begin the adoption process legally.

After our appointment we wait till the next day to receive the referral papers and then we can head out to the region Sterling is in. We should be meeting Sterling on September 21st - so be sure to check back that day for PICTURES!!! We will live in region for 4 or so weeks to complete the adoption process. After that we will head back to Capitol City to finish up all legal paperwork (medical appointment, visa clearance for Sterling, etc) and then we will fly home!!! I am thinking we will be returning some time during the week before Halloween. :)

On another note, I told my students and my classroom parents today about my leave. My students were sad and I've had several very nice emails from parents wishing us well. It really stinks to have to leave so soon into the school year. I have an amazing class this year (no, really!) I'm going to miss them! It's fun to think, though, that the next time I return to them, my little guy will be going to school with me! I just can't wait!

So, I'm inviting you on a journey. Go ahead and bookmark this blog now and please check back often while we are gone. I know we will want to hear from everyone we are missing so much!

Sterling here we come!!!

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  1. I didn't realize until today that I wasn't following your blog. I'm so excited to watch you take this journey and to see your sweet boy :) Praying for your safety as you travel.