Monday, July 18, 2011

I feel like a slacker...

I haven't posted since July 9th...Seriously???

Well, let me sum those 9 days up for you...PAPERWORK and WAITING!!!

We officially sent in our USCIS application for bringing Sterling home and are waiting on that to process.

Currently, we are only missing 5 pieces to our dossier and our USCIS clearance...

1) USCIS I171H (aka The Golden Ticket) - this piece of paper gives us permission to bring Sterling back into the country. We applied for expedition and have a nurse's letter and a doctor's letter asking for expedition. PLEASE PRAY that our form is expedited. If it isn't it can take 2-3 months for processing. :(

2) Doctor's Clearance for Erin - appointment on Thursday afternoon to wrap this up (everything's done just need signatures on the form!)

3) Doctor's Clearance for Brian - appointment on Thursday afternoon to wrap this up (everything's done just need signatures on the form!)

4) State Background Check Results on Erin and Brian (mailed off for them on Friday - they can take 5 business days to process plus we need to get them mailed back to us so maybe a week out on these)

5) A letter from DCF saying that our Social Worker is licensed and allowed to conduct home studies in the state of Florida. The dossier asks for the Social Worker's license but Florida does not require license by the SW - just by the agency...So we wait for this one to get back too...also probably around a week.

6) Notarized letters from our home study agency that verify the copies of the licenses we have are accurate. (should be getting these in the next day or so!)

IF EVERYTHING GOES AS PLANNED (as planned in my head that is...) We will be submitting our dossier by the first or second week of August....which HOPEFULLY would mean we would be travelling early to mid September....

BUT ALL OF THIS IS CONTINGENT UPON OUR USCIS APPLICATION BEING EXPEDITED. God has come through for us time and time again throughout this process...PLEASE PRAY that this expedition is granted so we can get Sterling home!!!

We are almost FULLY FUNDED! We are only $5000 short of being fully funded for our adoption and our trip to Eastern Europe!! Hooray!!

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  1. You are so close!!! When you have all that paperwork in your hands it will be such a huge relief! We got our state clearances pretty quickly, so hopefully you will, too. Are you planning on driving to Tallahassee to get everything apostilled in person or are you going to send it in? That would be quite a drive for you