Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Off To The Races

Our dossier is off!!!! Currently in the air somewhere over Europe and should be landing in the next few hours. HOORAY!!!

For those not familiar with the adoption path this means everything on our end is DONE!!! Thank goodness...I'm so over the paperchasing...

So, our dossier will be delivered on Monday and *hopefully* submitted next Thursday (that's a long shot but we can dream...and pray). If not next Thursday probably for sure the NEXT Thursday (which BTW is Brian's Birthday!) Once we are submitted to the government from which we are adopting we wait about 2 weeks before getting our SDA Appointment Day...which tells us when we can travel...YAY!

We should be travelling by Mid-September (BEST CASE SCENARIO) or Late September (Most Likely). Either way we will most likely be meeting our son before October rolls around!

We are still about $2000 short of being fully funded and would love to make that before we travel. So, keep praying! God has been so AWESOME in His guiding us with this decision. There is no doubt that this is His will. We have the possibility of being over there about 4 months from when we committed. This is AMAZING!!!!

Praise God!!!

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  1. I bet you get it this Thursday...things are moving quickly over there!! I'll be praying for that. So awesome!